Brahmi self love 

Learn to fall in love with yourself using Brahmi’s Signature Self Love Facial Ritual for glowing skin. Learn Brahmi’s daily ritual using your Brahmi Skincare products.

Brahmi Skincare Self Love Facial Ritual

Brahmi’s self love facial works synergistically with your Brahmi skincare products to give you radiant glowing skin.

Brahmi Self love Facial Ritual Reinvent Your Skincare Routine

Reinvent your skincare routine with Brahmi’s Daily Spiritual Ritual.

Brahmi Self Love Ritual is a step-by-step online training that teaches you how to do a Brahmi Self Love Facial using Cosmetic Energy Healing® and manifestation for beautiful glowing skin.

The Brahmi self love facial opens your heart and facilitates a deeper connection to yourself. It aligns you to your divinity so that you can radiate your beauty with confidence.


The Brahmi Self Love Ritual Includes

15 step-by-step training modules includes Cosmetic Energy Healing® facial techniques.

2 Self love facial videos that you can follow along with. Includes a 5 minute daily video and weekly 10 minute video.

All the science in bite sized videos so that you can explain it to your friends when they compliment you on your glow.

Downloadable 30 Day Self Love Journal & workbook. 

All of this in a 3 hour online training that you can take in one afternoon.

Online course content

We are currently rerecording this course and it will be accessible on your member platform soon.

About Brahmi
Self Love Ritual


Learn Brahmi’s signature 5 minute daily Self Love Facial using Cosmetic Energy Healing® and Brahmi skincare products.


Learn Lily’s secrets on how to use manifestation to transform your beauty and skin.


Tap into your inner healer with Cosmetic Energy Healing® and learn to regenerate your skin and cells.


Awaken your intution with Lily’s time tested method to honing in on your psychic powers. 


The 30 Day Self Love Journey
Fall in love with yourself using the exact method that Lily used to feel beautitul at 48 years of age. You will receive a downloable journal with daily exercises and writing prompts to faciliate your self love journey. 

Is The Brahmi Self Love Facial right for me?

Are are ready to fall in love with yourself and look and feel beautiful from the inside out using a natural beauty treatment? If you said YES, this program is for you.

We welcome students with all skin types and beauty concerns. Whether you are new to energy healing or have taken trainings like reiki facials or face yoga and are looking to up level your skills, this course is for YOU.

You’ll walk away with an open heart and positively radiating skin. Your new found confidence will shift your outlook on yourself and life.

The Self Love Facial program will be live by early 2024 and is on presale now.

Register for the Presale now to receive these Bonuses!

Sign up now to receive this limited time bonus. Brahmi’s beauty meditations take your skincare ritual to another dimension.

Brahmi Skincare Whistler Self Love Facial Bonus Beauty Meditations

Facial Beauty Meditations

Value – $129.00

Brahmi Skincare Whistler Beauty Manifestation

Beauty Investment

Your Skin is precious and so are YOU. Fall in love with yourself with this magically divine beauty treatment. Radiate your beauty from the inside out.

Join the presale today.


I'm really excited to see what I can do now that I am learning the facial movements. These products feel so good and my skin is much more hydrated. I am so excited to see what I can do knowing that anything is possible.

Anything Is Possible!
Michelle S

"I've never heard of any type of modality like this before, ever since I've listened to Brahmi's meditations my whole entire face has shifted completely !! I saw somebody in the mirror who I haven't seen in a long time, it only took 2 days for my face to shift, it's honestly incredible my skin feels tighter and fuller in volume. It's also very clear and I haven't even had a session with her, these are just meditations doing the work!"

Absolutely Mind Blowing!
Jake Young - AUSTRALIA


How do Self Love Facials work?

Self love facials combine Brahmi skincare products with Lily’s signature Cosmetic Energy Healing® to give you radiant glowing skin.

Do I need to know how to do energy healing to join the self love facial?

Good news, you don’t need to know how to do energy healing. You will learn how to do it in this step by step course. 

I have taken some energy healing courses, can I still take this course?

This course is suitable for all skill levels. For those who are beginners and brand new to energy healing and those who haven taken other courses like reiki, pranic healing and more. 

How much time do I need to commit everyday?

Lily knows that you are busy and created a 5 minute daily routine that you can do when you wake up. The weekly facial is only 10 minutes long.

When will I still see results?

Results vary from person to person. It is based on how often you do the self love facial, apply Brahmi skincare and listen to Brahmi’s guided meditations. 

Brahmi Skincare Whistler Founder Lily Chandra

meet your instructor

Lily Chandra

Lily’s energy healing abilities awakened spontaneously in her early twenties and she started her career as a medical intuitive in 2009. In 2013 she channeled Cosmetic Energy Healing® and learnt how to tune into the body’s natural ability to regenerate itself and transform the exterior of the body.

Lily grew up with a narcissitic mother and never felt pretty. Through her spiritual journey, she was able to connect with her heart and finally feel beautiful in her early 40s. It is this experience that fuels her passion to share her message of self love.

Lily is passionate about teaching others how to tap into their inner healer to transform their bodies and lives. She loves to see people’s transformation as they fall in love with themselves and see their true essence.

Lily has taught workshops and courses in Canada, USA, Europe, India and Japan.

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