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Meet lily

I am the founder of Cosmetic Energy Healing® which transforms and heals the body using only my hands. I began my career as a medical intuitive and energy healer in 2009, healing clients around the world of health issues with doctors and specialist failed. A decade ago, I channeled Cosmetic Energy Healing® which transforms the exterior of the body as if it were clay. This innovative energy healing modality built on the foundation of my personal system that I use as medical intuitive.

As a psychic, I have the ability to communicate with the body and understand health issues and use a variety of energy healing modalities to bring it back into balance. I teach workshops and courses internationally and have done so in Canada, USA, Europe, India and Japan.

I live in the beautiful mountains in Whistler, Canada.


Brahmi Skincare Whistler offers organic and natural skincare products infused with Cosmetic Energy Healing® for radiant skin. Discover our eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and vegan skincare solutions for a holistic approach to skincare.


So not sure where I should begin with Lily. I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into but was open minded to what she had to offer. This is more then a facial in my opinion it’s working on your inner body to channel that outward energy. After leaving a felt as though I was lighter and a weight had been lifted. My skin looks flawless and rejuvenated. Anyone seeking a facial while visiting or who lives in the area, I highly recommend you just at least try this out!

Highly Recommend
Natalie Noll

Lily performed one of the best facials I have ever had. Not only was it relaxing and the results were divine but it was enlightening and releasing. I felt like she help me work through things in my body and mind that I didn’t know I needed to work out.
The result!!! Wow! My skin is flawless! The fine lines were smoothed out, my skin is radiant and glowing. The dark circles and bags under my eyes are gone and my eyes look bright and fresh.

One of the Best Facial I've Ever Had
Jessie Morden, Whistler City Councillor

OMG!!!!!! I cannot even put into words how much I love this face serum! My skin is so dewy. I was concerned about using a face serum because I get adult acne, but this is perfect for my skin.

OMG! I love this face serum!
Laura Ritzman
As a music director and DJ for luxury brands,  I'm no stranger to the beauty market. I received a few facials from Lily and  noticed a difference right away in the clarity of my skin and brightness. I use Brahmi's Divine Rose Serum and daily face cream and have brighter, clearer skin and more of a glow that I didn't have before. I believe in what Brahmi stands for and I love the owner and her desire to bring spirituality into beauty and believe that this is really a product that works. I've seen it myself and had other people tell me they see the results.
I'm a huge fan on Brahmi!
Coleman Feltes, DJ/Music Director

I'm really excited to see what I can do now that I am learning the facial movements. These products feel so good and my skin is much more hydrated. I am so excited to see what I can do knowing that anything is possible.

Anything Is Possible!
Michelle S



“I love this face serum! Its really silky and adds to the nourishing and plumping effects of the Rose face cream. I no longer have dry skin on my face or neck areas! I have tried other serums and have not had any noticeable improvements until this one. I will definitely be reordering!”

Miracle in a bottle!
Wendy Fluke

"I've never heard of any type of modality like this before, ever since I've listened to Brahmi's meditations my whole entire face has shifted completely !! I saw somebody in the mirror who I haven't seen in a long time, it only took 2 days for my face to shift, it's honestly incredible my skin feels tighter and fuller in volume. It's also very clear and I haven't even had a session with her, these are just meditations doing the work!"

Absolutely Mind Blowing!
Jake Young - AUSTRALIA
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