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Enjoy one of Lily’s Cosmetic Energy Healing® facials in the beautiful mountains of Whistler, Canada. Located 10 minutes north of Whistler village, unwind into Lily’s magic hands as you rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

Brahmi Skincare Whistler Cosmetic Energy Healing® Facials with Lily Chandra

“Allow the magic of Lily’s hands and Cosmetic Energy Healing® to transform your skin and soul.”

Brahmi Skincare Whistler Set in Lily's Hands

Cosmetic Energy Healing® Facials

Melt into Lily’s magical hands as she applies Brahmi’s vegan Divine Rose skincare products onto your face. Her signature healing touch facial gives you smoother and younger looking skin while awakening your heart chakra and soul.

Medical intuition 

Allow Lily to intuitively read your body and receive messages about your health and wellness. Lily uses a variety of energy healing techniques to bring it back to balance including cellular healing, DNA healing, past live healing, soul healing, karmic healing and more. Ideal for all health issues including sports injuries. 

Brahmi Skincare Whistler Beauty Manifestation
Brahmi Skincare Whistler Set in Lily's Hands

Tea leaf Readings

Sip on a divine cup of tea and allow Lily to read the messages in your cup. You can ask questions about your career, relationships, health, finances and more. Tea leaf readings can be added on to facials and energy healings.

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As a music director and DJ for luxury brands,  I'm no stranger to the beauty market. I received a few facials from Lily and  noticed a difference right away in the clarity of my skin and brightness. I use Brahmi's Divine Rose Serum and daily face cream and have brighter, clearer skin and more of a glow that I didn't have before. I believe in what Brahmi stands for and I love the owner and her desire to bring spirituality into beauty and believe that this is really a product that works. I've seen it myself and had other people tell me they see the results.
I'm a huge fan on Brahmi!
Coleman Feltes, DJ/Music Director

Lily performed one of the best facials I have ever had. Not only was it relaxing and the results were divine but it was enlightening and releasing. I felt like she help me work through things in my body and mind that I didn’t know I needed to work out.
The result!!! Wow! My skin is flawless! The fine lines were smoothed out, my skin is radiant and glowing. The dark circles and bags under my eyes are gone and my eyes look bright and fresh.

One of the Best Facial I've Ever Had
Jessie Morden, Whistler City Councillor

So not sure where I should begin with Lily. I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into but was open minded to what she had to offer. This is more then a facial in my opinion it’s working on your inner body to channel that outward energy. After leaving a felt as though I was lighter and a weight had been lifted. My skin looks flawless and rejuvenated. Anyone seeking a facial while visiting or who lives in the area, I highly recommend you just at least try this out!

Highly Recommend
Natalie Noll

“Beauty is falling in love with yourself” ~ Lily Chandra

Brahmi Skincare Whistler Founder Lily Chandra

Meet lily Chandra

Hi, I am Lily, the founder of Brahmi Skincare Whistler and Cosmetic Energy Healing®.

I began my career as a medical intuitive and intuitive energy healer, fifteen years ago. I healed clients of health issues when doctors and specialist failed. I build on this system and developed a method that can rejuvenate the cells and reverse aging like cosmetic treatments but naturally that I named Cosmetic Energy Healing®.

I’ve worked in the beauty industry for a decade doing Cosmetic Energy Healing® facials. I was using other brand’s products and couldn’t find one that met my high quality standards so I created Brahmi Skincare Whistler.

I love doing readings and sharing my insights on people’s lives to guide them to the next step of their life. Tea leaf readings are a fun way to share my psychic gifts. 

Come visit Brahmi’s Holistic Spa in Whistler and experience the magic first hand for yourself. 

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